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Our Temporary Tattoos, Tattoo Papers and Inks-Comply with Australian Standards AS/NZS ISO 8124.3:2003

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Amazing Raymond® No Regrets Temporary Tattoos

Welcome to our Themed Temporary Tattoos Products. Printed in Melbourne and Free Delivery in Australia

Super Real Long Lasting Temporary Tattoos: Australian Owned and Operated: For Those Who Can't Commit-Try before you Ink

Themed Temporary Tattoos

Our Proprietary Formulations, Brands and Trade Marks for our Exclusive Temporary Tattoos, Tattoo Papers and Skin Inks Comply with Australian Standards AS/NZS ISO 8124.3:200. Check out our New Real Look Gangsta Style Themed Temporary Tattoos for your next Party

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Logo Temporary Tattoos

DIY at Home Tattoo Paper for making Hens or Party Fun Tatts Here

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Your Gold Illusion Hens Bucks Text Here

LiquiskinTM Matt Concealer

Liquiskin® mat-e-fi-r® The Realism of a Permanent Tattoo with the Permanence of a Temp Tatt Here

Asian Inspired Tattoos for Men and Women Here

Individual Colour Party Tattoos Here

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Blokes and Day of the Dead, Sugar Skulls, Mexican Theme Tattoos Here

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Amy Winehouse Tattoos

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Temporary Tattoo Sleeves

Black Temporary Tattoos Australia

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Rockabilly Temporary Tattoos Australia

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Gangsta Style Temporary Tattoos Here

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Temporary Tattoos Australia

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Mermaid Temporary Tattoos

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Temporary Tattoos Australia
Temporary Tattoos Australia



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For a manly, tough-guy look, we've released the original Gangsta collection -Chicano style skulls, guns, grim reapers and neck tattoos that will blow you away! A perfect match for our Blokes collection -masculine sleeves and tribal designs that will give you an authentic macho look. And if you're looking for some exotic flair, we've also revamped our Asian collection -samurai, geishas, koi fish and many more traditional Japanese designs! Text©2018 Raymond Mellick

For a feminine, seductive fashion statement, check out our Henna collection -intricate Hindu-inspired mandalas and floral tattoos, elegant and sexy designs to complement your outfit. For an extra girly look, don't miss our Watercolour tattoos -soft, pastel designs in a delicate style. And if you're thinking of getting permanently inked, explore our Try Before You Ink trendy collection -the latest minimalistic, geometric, boho chick tattoos without needles! Text©2018 Raymond Mellick

For the retro rebels out there, our unisex Vintage and Rockabilly tattoos will take you back in time -America Traditional favourites such as anchors, hearts and daggers, pin-ups, swallows and roses in easy to apply mix-and-match A4 sheets. And if you want to pay homage to your favourite star, order our Celebrity tattoos -accurate imitations of famous designs worn by movie, music and sports icons, perfect for a costume or impersonation act. Text©2018 Raymond Mellick

The Amazing Raymond® also offers wonderful party collections for every event or celebration. Sassy and funny Hens & Bucks designed for bachelorette and bachelor's nights out, cute and colourful Fundraising and Fun temporary tattoos for kids parties and special days, and fully customisable Corporate Promotional logo designs for branding, advertising, or promoting staff culture at institutional or company events. Text©2018 Raymond Mellick Temporary Tattoos Australia

If you can't find the design you have in mind, The Amazing Raymond® has a quick fix! Submit your own personalised artwork -you send us a picture, we print out your dream temporary tattoo. Alternatively, you can try our DIY Tattoo Paper -with your inkjet or laser home printer, you can manufacture your own tattoo creations! And for a genuine looking tattoo finish, purchase our Liquiskin® mat-e-fi-r®, a revolutionary cosmetic solution that gives your temporary tattoos durability and instant realism. Text©2018 Raymond Mellick

Ingredients and Safety Info for all of our Cosmetic Products: Our Temporary Tattoos, Tattoo Papers and Inks-Comply with Australian Standards AS/NZS ISO 8124.3:2003.

All our Formulas and CAS/Einecs/Inci/FDA-21 CFR and CTFA Nos also comply with Australian Govt Department of Heath.

Do not apply to sensitive skin or near eyes. If any sensitivity occurs remove the product instantly with any perfume, baby oil with a strong rub or sticky tape.

As no ink ever touches your skin (forming part of the patent of this product) or penetrates the first layer of skin, the risk of any damage is completely minimized. Product contains Cellulose Resin Pharmaceutical Grade (Vegetable Origin), Castor Oil (Vegetable Origin). Kaolin, Silica and Water. May contain D&C Red No 7 Calcium Lake, FD&C Blue No 1 Aluminum Lake, FD&C Yellow No 5 Aluminum Lake, Cosmetic Black Oxide, D&C Black No 2, Titanium Dioxide, Mica Coated Titanium Pigments



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