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Don't you get sick of all the messing around with other places selling Tattoo Logos.

Confusing and expensive. We are introducing our new SIMPLE approach to printing your Custom Logo Temporary Tattoos


This is how it works and will be perfcet for your next Hens Night, Birthday Party, Perfect for Clubs, Pubs, All Sporting events for Social and Professional Organisations


1. Supply 1xPiece of artwork to us as either a pdf file or jpg Here


2 We print onto an A4 sheet


3. Tell us the size of Tattoo you want e.g. 20mmx70mm (You get 50 of the same Tattoo up on the A4 Sheet)


4. Say you want your Tattoos 60mmx60mm (You get 12 up pf the same Tattoo on the A4 Sheet) see simple


5. Pay Now: 1xA4 Sheet printed with your one image at the size you want (Tattoos not cut out) A Great Deal for you at $19.99 (Buy)




Buy our most popular Sized Logo Temporary Tattoos Cut out for you


After Payment Please email your artwork Here


SAME Day Printing
Square 40x40mm approx
Rectange 30x45mm approx
Square 50x50mm approx
Rectange 40x57mm approx
25 Logos
$13.00 (Buy)
$14.00 (Buy)
$15.00 (Buy)
$17.00 (Buy)
50 Logos
$25.00 (Buy)
$27.00 (Buy)
$30.00 (Buy)
$33.00 (Buy)
100 Logos
$44.00 (Buy)
$48.00 (Buy)
$53.00 (Buy)
$58.00 (Buy)
200 Logos
$68.00 (Buy)
$74.00 (Buy)
$82.00 (Buy)
$90.00 (Buy)
300 Logos
$104.00 (Buy)
$115.00 (Buy)
$125.00 (Buy)
$138.00 (Buy)
500 Logos
$140.00 (Buy)
$154.00 (Buy)
$169.00 (Buy)
$185.00 (Buy)
1000 Logos
$260.00 (Buy)
$285.00 (Buy)
$314.00 (Buy)
$345.00 (Buy)



Custom Logo Temporary Tattoos


Our Tattoos are proudly Made in Australia

FREE DELIVERY Proudly Australian Owned and Operated


Our Custom Logo Temporary Tattoos, used for Sales Promotions and Conferences, School Fetes to raise money, Pass Outs for Nightclubs, Brand Awareness for Product Launches, Business Logos, Bands, School Emblems, Sponsorships, TV/Radio Stations, Fund Raisers, Charities, Flags, Sporting Club Logos, Trade Shows, All Special Events. Excellent for marketing against competitors


We can print virtually any Temporary Tattoos logo you supply (even photo quality images) Our Temporary Tattoos are Perfect for Swimming, Netball, Football and Hockey teams. Perfect for personal use, TV, Theatre and Commercial TV/Film shoots, fund raising, wedding invitations and small team events


Our Custom Temporary Tattoos Logos have been independently tested to ensure that they comply with the Australian Standards for toys and the migration of certain elemenst such as lead etc- based on AS/NZS ISO 8124.3:2003 and also comply with the Trade Practices Regulations for Cosmetics and Toiletries Ingredient Labelling


All our Formulas and CAS/Einecs/Inci/FDA-21 CFR and CTFA Nos also comply with Australian Govt Department of Heath


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Combines Temporary and Semi Permanent Technology for Realism Lasting 4-14 days


Proudly Made in Australia

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