Super Real Temporary Tattoos in Daylight

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Liquiskin® mat-e-fi-r ® for water release Tattoos



Raymond Mellick invented Liquiskin® over 20 years to overcome the problem of Fake tatoos looking cheap and nasty. Liquiskin® instantly makes Fake Tattoos look Real


Our Tattoos Look Super Real and Last up to 2 Weeks



Liquiskin® mat-e-fi-r ® Concealer for Instant Realism



For super-real tattoo effect use our Liquiskin® Liquid Skin Shine Off®



For Water Release Tattoos


Liquiskin® Special FX Matt Make Up Concealer is the perfect companion to your Amazing Raymond® Tattoos Without Needles. It seals, matts, and protects your favourite designs once applied, transforming your temporary tattoo with a hyper-realistic, long-lasting effect. Say goodbye to fake tattoos, and welcome the next generation temporary tattoos, so true to life they will blow your mind! Text©2017 Raymond Mellick


Liquiskin® enhances realism by removing any shine or gloss that may appear false. It works wonders with The Amazing Raymond® special colour formulas, designed to look like genuine ink needled in under the skin. Whether it's a vibrant, colourful design, or an aged black and white prison style image, Liquiskin® takes these temporary tattoos to a ground-breaking level of authenticity. It also prevents cracking and bubbling, ensuring your water release tattoo is seamlessly applied. Text©2017 Raymond Mellick



Liquiskin Tattoo Shine remover




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50 ml $35.00


Application: We always love seeing the reactions on peoples' faces when they see first hand why our Tattoos look so real. Our Liquiskin® Matt Concealer makes your Tattoos look like they were needled in right under your skin. After Tattoo has been applied with water and sponge (5 seconds), pat dry with cloth and then simply use a finger with a gently circular motion or brush on to spread a thin layer of Liquiskin® over your Tattoo/s and then let dry for 5 seconds


Good Quality Paint Brush for our Inks $4.00 ea Buy



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©™2017 RM




©™2017 RM

Amazing Raymond® Tattoos and Liquiskin® Concealer Matt





Strictly no permanency or pain

Gangsta Style TattoosGangsta Style Tattoos


Thanks to Amy Poulos and Family for Sharing these great Pics of our Gangsta Style Neck and Body Tattoos with Liquiskin®



Thanks heaps to Lachlan, a great Customer who enjoyed our Tattoos with Liquiskin® and shared this cool picture


Jake Best Dress with Conor STyle Tattoos from Amaizng Raymond Tattoos


Thanks heaps to Jake, Alex in USA and Joseph other Customers who enjoyed our Tattoos with Liquiskin® and shared these cool pictures


Gamngsta Style Temporary Tattoos


The above pic thaks to Chris Grant from the play Suicide Row at MC Showroom in Prahran Melbourne on 8th Nov 2017



©™2017 RM



©™2017 RM



Used and recommended by television, film and special FX make-up industry leaders, Liquiskin® has been featured in Australian and International productions, employed by professionals to optimise temporary tattoos and prosthetic appliances. But you don't need to be an expert to reap the benefits of this product: after applying your selected design on clean skin, pat gently with a dry cloth and simply spread a thin coat of Liquiskin® over your tattoos, using your fingers or a brush with a soft circular motion. You will notice the incredible lifelike matt finish after only five seconds! Text©2017 Raymond Mellick


Liquiskin® is compatible with all The Amazing Raymond® tattoo sheets and paper, and it works instantly to produce an ultra-real durable effect. Your temporary tattoos will look 100% genuine in broad daylight and will last up to two weeks. Visit our picture gallery, and see what some of our customers who tried Liquiskin® had to say! Text©2017 Raymond Mellick



Super Real Temporary Tattoos from Amazing Raymond Temporary Tattoos Our New On Trend, Modern, Trendy Tattoos include Minimalistic, Geometric, Bohemian, Boho Chic and Hipster ©™2017 RM


Look at our Amazing Tattoos® Realistic Colour in Daylight


Our Tattoos Look Super Real and Last up to 2 Weeks

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