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Custom Logo Temporary Tattoos

Above Logos are for display purposes and are owned by the Trade Mark Owners



Same Day Hi Tech Logo Temporary Tattoos-Any Size Any Quantity

SAME Day Printing
Square 40x40mm approx
Rectange 30x45mm approx
25 Logos
$13.00 (Buy)
$14.00 (Buy)
50 Logos
$25.00 (Buy)
$27.00 (Buy)
100 Logos
$44.00 (Buy)
$48.00 (Buy)
200 Logos
$68.00 (Buy)
$74.00 (Buy)
300 Logos
$104.00 (Buy)
$115.00 (Buy)
500 Logos
$140.00 (Buy)
$154.00 (Buy)
1000 Logos
$260.00 (Buy)
$285.00 (Buy)


SAME Day Printing
Square 50x50mm approx
Rectange 40x57mm approx
25 Logos
$15.00 (Buy)
$17.00 (Buy)
50 Logos
$30.00 (Buy)
$33.00 (Buy)
100 Logos
$53.00 (Buy)
$58.00 (Buy)
200 Logos
$82.00 (Buy)
$90.00 (Buy)
300 Logos
$125.00 (Buy)
$138.00 (Buy)
500 Logos
$169.00 (Buy)
$185.00 (Buy)
1000 Logos
$314.00 (Buy)
$345.00 (Buy)



If you don't want the Tattoos cut out and want different Tattoos on the one A4 pdf file

then here is the option for you below


Simply set up your artwork as a pdf file A4 size with whatever you want on that A4 sheet like logos, text, words, numbers, in colour and/or black whatever you can imagine (mix up all different images if you wish)


This is the very best way to Test out one or more Tattoos on your friends and family before you Ink


Our High-Quality Proprietary Temporary Tattoos and Liquiskin® Matt Concealer for the past 30 years gives you Tattoos with edge lines identical to Needle Tattoos in full colour with a FAST application time of approx 10 seconds.



Custom Logo Temporary Tattoos©™2017 RM



1xA4 Sheet of Your Artwork emailed to us for fast printing into Temporary Tattoos (with FREE Liquiskin® inluded valued by us at $10.00) to make your Tattoos look super "Real"-$19.99 (Buy)





Pay and Upload Your Artwork Here


Please read 1-9A Carefully below


Upload your Artwork Here

Simply "Browse" and upload your file Here. Acceptable files are: ai, png(png file background must NOT be transparent), jpg, pdf, tiff, word doc or eps format.

Shopper ID Number
Select file to upload

1. Select the size and quantity of tattoos you want and then click on "BUY" next to the price/s which will take you directly into shopping cart. Add postage and complete payment.


2. A shopper Receipt/ID number will be emiled to you from our shopping cart as soon as payment is made.


3. Simply return back here and enter Shopper Id No above and Browse to upload your artwork file above then SUBMIT


5. Please make sure that you DO NOT reverse the artwork as we will do this for you Please don't send us your artwork stepped up for logo tattoos, as we will set up the arwork for you.


6. Please note that your artwork will be slightly smaller than the card size due to bleed and guillotine space required


7. Please crop out any white space outside of the image so your artwork will be as big as possible in the template print space allowed


8. Your Temporary Tattoos will be set up, printed, cut into individual units and printed with instructions on the back together with Australian Standards AS/NZS ISO 8124.3:2003 Our Tattoos and Tattoo Papers/Inks-Comply


8A. All you do is apply your Temporary Tattoos with water and a sponge, following our detailed instructions sent out with goods. Any white in the design will appear and is printed as "clear" or "skintone"


9. Supply of your artwork to us will be printed on the basis that you have the rights/permission to allow us to reproduce this artwork as Temporary Tattoos


9A. We will print same day or call/email you if there is any change to this based on our daily scheduling


Call us at any time on 0418589792 or email us


We have the 4 Most Popular template sizes that you can choose from above but we can print any size/quantity you wish.


Prices for printing of tattoos include all set up and GST




Why choose Amazing Raymond® to Print your Tattoo Job/s


1. We are the Fastest, with the Original Formulas and Best Quality in Australia for over 30 years


2. All our Formulas and CAS/Einecs/Inci/FDA-21 CFR and CTFA Nos also comply with Australian Govt Department of Heath


3. We print every day at 6am so we can deliver your job FAST


4. You can speak to Raymond directly at any time on 0418589792 inc weekends



5. Our Tattoos release onto the skin in approx 4 seconds in both hot and cold weather


6. Our prices are the best in Australia matching our quality


7. We print 100's of jobs per week. Call us now for our Super Fast Tattoos



Offering you the best prices, Original quality Temporary Tattoos Fast


Logo Temporary Tattoos Printed Same Day in Melbourne with Free Delivery in Australia

For immediate attention feel free to contact Raymond anytime Ph: 0418589792

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